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Welcome to the world of books !

Books are momentous in our life. It is rightly said that opening a book, opens a unique world. Books have turned out to be preordained to mankind. For majority of individuals, books are an inseparable part of the daily life. A book is like the most-trusted friend, who will, by no means, walk away from you at any time of life. Nothing can enhance the intellect more than reading a book. Books help in experiencing new things that one would not typically be able to experience. Books are crammed with knowledge, perceptions and give insights of teachings of life, love, hope and helpful guidance. Books have been our mentors for centuries; and without books, we could not have known about our ancestors, ancient cultures and civilizations. It is said that “the more you read, the more well-read you are”. So we can say that – more you read, more open you become; and there is a transformation in your outlook, your concepts and your imagination.

Books and Child Development
Although, we might be living in an era where the Internet and technology have become the foundation and source of people’s education, knowledge, and entertainment; but the brilliant world of books is still blooming. Books are the best scholastic tools; and children, as small as few years old, are captivated by the texts, pictures and colours contained in a book. Books stimulate children’s imagination and help them better understand the world they are living in. Social skills are also assumed to develop through books and children can understand relationships and emotions as well. Parents should foster the reading habit at a very young age; and once done, it actually lasts the entire life. There are several evidences that reading is vital for the comprehensive and versatile development of a child and would definitely help to shape open-minded and refined citizens for a better nation.

Our Role
It’s necessary to enrol your child in a good library, where he or she can explore the splendid world of knowledge. Such an example is Meri Library, which has initiated small but noteworthy steps to help promote and nurture the healthy habit of reading mostly amongst children and others as well. Meri Library is an inimitable and different initiative, which brings Library at Door step by offering Online Library Membership and provides ease of access to outstanding books in an easy and reasonable way. Meri Library is an entirely owned subsidiary of Machwan Communication & Research Pvt. Limited (MCR), a leading KPO, which provides complete marketing solutions to various leading enterprises, the world over. Meri Library offers book renting services and opens the door of the huge world crammed with different genres of books - ranging from story books, adventure books, fairy tales, folk tales, books imparting moral values, biography books, sci-fi books, technology books, medical books, and books on art and literature. You can take books on rent from Meri Library to satisfy the hunger of reading in you. Our team of specialists carefully select only superior quality books for kids, which cover all phases of life and are contributory in sculpting young minds in their fostering years.

Great books ignite imagination, Imagination leads to creativity, Creativity blossoms thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great.

Abdul Kalam

Books are the ultimate treasure and to savour the joy of this treasure, you can log on to Meri Library!

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  • Neesu sharma Merilibrary users

    I always wanted to have my own library. I read a lot. Meri library fulfills that purpose for me. I love it's services and the concept is noble as well as amazing. Getting desired books at doorstep helps a lot. Thank you so much for this service. Wish Meri Library a bright future ahead. Hope Meri Library becomes pioneer in this area soon!!! We really really need these type of services to inculcate good reading habits among children.

  • Puja Khattri Merilibrary users

    Thank you so much for your mail. I'd like to thank you for the wonderful job that you team is doing ad in particular mention that the gentleman who delivers are books is always polite and prompt and very helpful. Sometimes when I want to give additional books to the library, I do realise that it becomes difficult for him to carry, but nonetheless he always has a positive attitude. Thank you so much, and hope you will continue the good work.

  • Dr urvashi Merilibrary users

    I have been associated with your library for 4 years and had a great experience so far. Being an ardent fan of books it has helped me inculcate reading habits in my daughter and nieces.i keep recommending your services to all my acquaintances. Woud request to add recent bestsellers regularlyLooking forward to a great association in future

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