Bard of Blood

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Author : Bilal Siddiqi

No. of Pages : 299

Book Category : Best reading,Best Selling,Novel

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The Valiant Never Taste of Death But Once, A gripping thriller, researched with the assistance of US and Indian intelligence agents, war correspondents and the crime writer S. Hussain Zaidi. / Delhi’s power circles are shocked to discover ex-RAW boss Sadiq Sheikh has been murdered. Kabir Anand is settling into his new life as a professor of Shakespeare in Mumbai, when a call from the PMO thrusts him back into the world he is trying to forget. A brilliant agent who served under Sadiq Sheikh, Kabir has been forced to leave RAW because of a disastrous mission in Balochistan in 2006—part of India’s covert support of the Balochi rebels. Kabir must now revisit those ghosts, avenge his mentor and face his deadliest enemies—Mullah Omar and the ISI—while racing against time to save his country.