Terms & Conditions

It is our strong recommendation to every visitor that, before availing our services, he or she should first go through the terms and conditions of use. If he or she agree, then they can initiate a deal with us. Your registration with Meri library will be implied that you are agreed to the terms and conditions laid by us. It is implicit that all the members of www.merilibrary.com; thus, abide legally by the term of use.

1. Who Can Become a Member

Any person with a postal address in Delhi/NCR region can become a member of www.merilibrary.com. However, we reserve the rights of membership in our sole discretion. After getting a membership, no member can re-lend our book for commercial purposes. We can also cancel the membership of any individual without prior notice and without showing any cause to him.

2. Payment

Your agreement to subscribe any specific membership plan implies that you are agreed to pay the cost of the plan’s subscription. Payments can be made with the help of both online and offline modes. We accept cash and cheques for the payment; the cheques should be drawn under the name of "Meri Library.” We accept cheques, which are paid locally. The burden of non-clearance of the cheque will be on the cheque issuing member.

3. Delivery & Returns of Books

It is our sincere advice to our members to pick their books selectively in accordance with the plans that they are availing. We will release the books under the plan and also return the books under the plan. Suppose, you are availing a plan, where you are entitled to take four books at a time, then we will release all the four books in a single lot/set and you will not be issued the next lot of four or any other book (s), unless you will return all the four books from the previous lot/set of the books. In case, you want to keep a book for a longer time, then the next set will be issued in a bunch of three and the desired book will be reissued in the next delivery. The log keeping of book issuing will be done with help of “My Shelf” option present on the website. The procedure of returning books is very simple; all you need is to click on the “Lock” option, which is present in the “My Shelf” menu. After it, our representative will collect the books from you. The delivery of the new set of books at your doorstep may take 48 hours during the working days. This time, commitment related to the shipping and delivery is our sole discretion. It may vary, depending on the business conditions. We can change our shipping and delivery policy without any prior notice.

4. Lost or Damaged books

Meri Library is a treasure of books for all the age groups; we have our own share of kids borrowing books from us. Kids sometimes can play badly with the books; and this is why, it is our suggestion to the parents to educate their wards about the safekeeping of books. Most of our books are well-maintained and enjoy a good, neat and clean status. We make sure that every book going out of our library is in good condition. On receiving a book, if you find any anomaly, then you can always report it on membercare1@merilibrary.com. If you fail to report, then it will be assumed that you find the book in a good condition and anomaly took place when the book was in your possession.
  • When you will return the book, our courier executive will check the condition of the book; and before stacking it back in our shelves, our librarians will check the condition of the book again. If we will discover any damage in the book, we will intimate you about this through email. A member can either submit/replace a lost or damaged book within seven days or he is bound to pay the penalty of an amount fixed by us. The fixation that “book has been damaged” will be Meri library’s sole discretion. You can have a look at our damage policy in here.
  • For a lost book - You are required to pay the full amount of the price of the book.
  • For a damaged book – You are required to pay 70 percent of the cost of the book.

5. Cancellation and Refund

Meri Library allows you to discontinue your membership at any given point of time as per your discretion. You can send an email at membercare1@merilibrary.com for the cancellation of your membership; and we will treat this letter as an instruction from your side. This letter will intimate us to pick up the books borrowed by you during the course of membership. As a primary part of our cancellation policy, we do not refund money at the end of subscription prior to the term. The same policy is also applicable on unread books as well. Our cancellation policy clearly states that we can cancel or terminate any membership under the extreme condition of non-compliance; and for this, we solely reserve all the rights. The terms related to the full or partial refund will be at our sole discretion in this condition.

6. Expiry and Renewal

Your account will be considered as an expired account under the purview of two conditions. First, when you have crossed the time limit of the term mentioned in the contract; and second, when you have consumed/availed all the deliveries that are mentioned in the membership plan.

7. Changes to Terms of Use

Meri Library reserves all the rights of changing the terms and conditions mentioned in this document without giving any prior notice to the customers. Any user can read the latest version of “terms and conditions” by clicking on the tab present on the bottom of Meri Library homepage.


  • Neesu sharma HR Professional

    I always wanted to have my own library. I read a lot. Meri library fulfills that purpose for me. I love it's services and the concept is noble as well as amazing. Getting desired books at doorstep helps a lot. Thank you so much for this service. Wish Meri Library a bright future ahead. Hope Meri Library becomes pioneer in this area soon!!! We really really need these type of services to inculcate good reading habits among children.

  • Puja Khattri Professional Writer

    Thank you so much for your mail. I'd like to thank you for the wonderful job that you team is doing ad in particular mention that the gentleman who delivers are books is always polite and prompt and very helpful. Sometimes when I want to give additional books to the library, I do realise that it becomes difficult for him to carry, but nonetheless he always has a positive attitude. Thank you so much, and hope you will continue the good work.

  • Dr urvashi

    I have been associated with your library for 4 years and had a great experience so far. Being an ardent fan of books it has helped me inculcate reading habits in my daughter and nieces.i keep recommending your services to all my acquaintances. Woud request to add recent bestsellers regularlyLooking forward to a great association in future

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