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Last Year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it his mission to read one book every two weeks. While he read books from across genres, these science books top his recommendation list.
Deutsch, a physicist by training, believes there are hard answers about the world that are waiting to be uncovered. In "The Beginning of Infinity," he argues that across fields — art, science, politics — humans can use the scientific method to discover just about any truth. The book was the last on Zuckerberg's 2015 reading list.


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Decorating your cubical with plants is an excellent way to liven up your workspace. But did you know apart from adding colour plant also boost your health?
U.S space research agency NASA spent two years testing house plants and come up with the list of 10 which can improve indoor air quality. Studies also suggest that plants offer a visually meditative effect to the work space, leading to happier and healthy employee who are more productive.


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When you are at the end of numerous failures, mistakes or heartbreaks, you might feel like your life is directionless. Exhausted by the weight of emotional baggage and despair, you might wish to go back in time and start over again. Going back in time might be impossible but here are five steps that we help you restart.

1. Let go Forgive yourself for the mistakes, the opportunities you squandered, misjudgements you made and the time you wasted. You are not a well written


www.merilibrary.com Successful People On What Success Really Means:

It's not just the billions in the bank account. If you really want to know, take a look at what the world's most powerful and impressive people have to say about "having it all".

Though Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group is worth some $5 billion, the virgin founder equates success with personal fulfilment. "Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money money they make or the people that they associate with," he wrote on linkedIn. In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are.


www.merilibrary.com Martyrs the pride of our nation

Getting martyred for a nation is what a patriot can dream of. But attaining that is not an easy task. Talking about our army in general, the tough life they go through we all must be well known of. They spend hours, days and even weeks standing on places where we civilians can't even imagine staying for few minutes. Risking their lives, staying away from the family are few to be named sacrifices made by them. Despite taking so many hardships, they don't have any guarantee of their life. Still they perform their duties religiously.

Imagine the condition of their lives, what kind of mental pressure ...


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Neil Gaiman had said that – a book is like a dream which you can hold in your hands, so Meri Library would be like a dreamland for you!

The life is like a library; each character coming our way is like a book, we spend time with interesting characters; and after a point of time, they leave us. The days of the presence of each character in our lives are numbered in our life. Books, on the other hand, can be adjudged on a different merit; they can...


www.merilibrary.com A Treasure OF True Knowledge Is Knocking Your Doors; Just Welcome It with

The task of academic writing has become difficult after the arrival of the internet. You might be thinking that why we are talking about Neo-Luddites, especially when digital content is making everyone's life rank easy and the labor of turning pages has been cut down to the search for keywords. It is true that we have witnessed an enormous growth in the availability of literature; still, we are suffering from this dearth of meaningful literature. Keywords are bringing people closer to the content, but on most of the occasions, insignificant...


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So many books are there, but there is so little time ― from the words of Frank Zappa

With the inception of pages like www.merilibrary.com, we are reviving the culture of traditional libraries and adding a digital twist into the offerings by creating an availability of some timeless books under reasonable prices for you.

We Are Packed with Attractive Packages

Get the timely feed of meaningful literature with us! We...


WHY LIBRARY IS IMPORTANT Every Library of This World Is Waiting with a Personal Universe Especially Designed for You!

Without libraries what would we have? We will have no past and also no future.

From the words of Ray Bradbury

Do we really need libraries these days? Do we really need books at all, because the sea of information is available on the internet? The concept of visiting


HYBRID LIBRARY Advantages of a modern Hybrid Library like MeriLibrary

Sniffing old books, holding your book tight as you slip into your weekend siesta on the couch, reading by the dawn, reading while you hear the pitter patter on the window sill; haven't these always been the fantasy of every reader! The ability to out-read (yes, we do have these words in the world of readers, don't they?) your other friends on the best sellers of all times, post pictures with titles of the favorite reads of all times… aren't these on the to-do list of every voracious reader?

We here are a group of over-enthusiastic readers and understand...