Blog-5 Your Days with Books Would Certainly Be the Most Elucidating Ones!

Neil Gaiman had said that – a book is like a dream which you can hold in your hands, so Meri Library would be like a dreamland for you!

The life is like a library; each character coming our way is like a book, we spend time with interesting characters; and after a point of time, they leave us. The days of the presence of each character in our lives are numbered in our life. Books, on the other hand, can be adjudged on a different merit; they can be given a much higher rank in lives as their presence is eternal.

Classify Every Book in Three Categories - Mate, Twin-Light and Soul Mate

Mate is a partner, a friend, a colleague, who faces the 'thick and thin' of life with us, plays a role and moves away. The concept of twin light is a bit complicated, this is referred to a soul or a karmic connection that visits our life and then stirs it in a positive or negative fashion and moves away. For instance, an unrequited love can be a twin light, and a crush on someone can be a twin light. A fling or a deep friendship can also be a twin light in our life. Soul mate, as we all know, is the second, third, or maybe nth part of our soul that stays with us and makes us complete. In similar fashion, books too come in our life like mates, for instance, a Mills and Boon Number or a page-turner from Sidney Sheldon. Self-help books like "The Power of Now" or "Secret" can act like a twin light in our life that can come, leave an impact and walk away. Books like "Gone with the Wind", "Schindler's List", "The Memoirs of a Geisha" and " The Alchemist" can spend a life with us as a soul mate; we can read them again and again, share the sorrows and joys of life with the characters that they are depicting in them.

'Old World Charm' Attached to Our Services is a library where we cherish the old-world-charm associated with the printed word and package them in a digital AVATAR, where we deliver the books right at your doorstep. We cherish and value your connection with some previous books, and this is why, we adopt the policy, wherein, you can keep a book throughout the tenure of your membership and return it at the end. If you are renewing your membership; then, in this case, you can keep a book from your previous membership contract and you do not need to return it until you are associated with us. As long as you are following the norm of carrying four books at any given point of time, we will not disturb you with that and you can keep your soul mate book in your possession during these days.

We have flexible membership norms, because we designed this library after studying the reading habits of many seasoned readers. Thus, we fully understand, truly value and totally respect such requirements.