Our Logo Signification

What does Our Logo Shera Signify ?

There are two important reasons that motivated us to choose Shera as our logo.

1. MCL and its parent company Machwan Communications and Research have always been a responsible corporate aware of its commitment to the society and nature in general. We wanted that the MCL logo reiterates our commitment and relates itself to nature and the need for children to acknowledge the importance of preserving mother nature for their future. So who best than "Shera" the king of the jungle can help us relate and communicate our objective.

2. The lion is a magnificent animal that appears as a symbol of power, courage and nobility. The lion is an exception to the usual solitary existence of most cat species. It has developed a social system based on teamwork, division of labor and an extended but closed family unit. A lion is a majestic mammal, a born leader, a fearless and intelligent predator, qualities that parents and children can relate to. Such qualities make "Shera" an automatic choice for the MCL logo.


  • Neesu sharma HR Professional

    I always wanted to have my own library. I read a lot. Meri library fulfills that purpose for me. I love it's services and the concept is noble as well as amazing. Getting desired books at doorstep helps a lot. Thank you so much for this service. Wish Meri Library a bright future ahead. Hope Meri Library becomes pioneer in this area soon!!! We really really need these type of services to inculcate good reading habits among children.

  • Puja Khattri Professional Writer

    Thank you so much for your mail. I'd like to thank you for the wonderful job that you team is doing ad in particular mention that the gentleman who delivers are books is always polite and prompt and very helpful. Sometimes when I want to give additional books to the library, I do realise that it becomes difficult for him to carry, but nonetheless he always has a positive attitude. Thank you so much, and hope you will continue the good work.

  • Dr urvashi

    I have been associated with your library for 4 years and had a great experience so far. Being an ardent fan of books it has helped me inculcate reading habits in my daughter and nieces.i keep recommending your services to all my acquaintances. Woud request to add recent bestsellers regularlyLooking forward to a great association in future

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