Our Privacy Policy

Abiding by the universal norms; the personal information of the visitors is not collected during the casual visits to our web pages. Our servers collect the information only under the cases wherein there is consent from the other party to collect and process the information.

Collection of Digital Footprints and Site -Visit Data

This website, however, collects generic data related to the location of the visitor and geographical location of the IP address in order to ascertain certain statistical purposes. It is a general procedure where data is collected in order to draw some trend lines and identify key result areas of the business. Here, information related to the main servers, other client server domain codes, types of devices and types of domains in order to identify the profile of customers, who are showing keen interests, is also collected. Once again, it is an exercise meant for the collection of visitor data on a generic level for statistical purposes. The logs of such movements are kept secret by us unless and of course, any law enforcing agency demands these logs from us. As a legal procedure, we don’t entertain such types of demands from law enforcing agencies without a substantial warrant or legal paperwork.


In order to ensure smooth run of Meri library in your computer or system; sometimes, a small text file is placed under the name/category of the cookie. This cookie ensures a smooth navigation of www.merilibrary.com by clearing up the technical deficits.

Email Management:

Your Email address will become a part of our archives only under the conditions when you will share it with us. We will strictly use it in order to entertain your queries and other requests. Apart from that, it will never become a part of any other mailing list without your consent. We will not disclose or share it with any other third-party without your prior consent and guard it against any probable misuse.

Collection of Personal Information:

We have a strict policy related to the use of your personal information. In case, you share your personal information with us, then it is our responsibility to share its uses with you. In case, you find any discrepancy related to the use of your personal information where you feel that www.merilibrary.com is a party, then you have all the rights to notify our webmaster with the help of the ‘contact us’ option present on our website.

What We collect

In order to conduct various operations and business transactions, we collect data with the help of various methods. In most of the cases, we require your personal information under selective terms and conditions. We require location-related and IP address-related information for statistical purposes. We require data related to your orders and other requirements in order to process your queries and demands.

What we do with the information we gather:

We gather information under two categories; first, we collect information from willing clients and process this information as per their needs and requirements. Secondly, we collect information related to the digital footprints of our visitors. This type of information we collect for study purposes only. We have a very clear classification of both these types of information and strictly use them in accordance with our privacy policy.


Security of your personal data as well as movement-related data is our primary concern. In order to prevent any unauthorized access, we update ourselves with industry-run best security practices from time-to-time. We also make sure that no network or third-parties get a direct or indirect access to your data through our channel. We have secured and suitable physical, electronic and inter-organizational managerial procedures in order to protect your data from any theft or leakage. As a principle, it is our primary duty to safeguard any and every data that you are sharing with us in good faith.

Links to other websites

We have a privacy policy in place, where, after your consent, sometimes, we connect you to another fruitful network. This operation takes place only after your visit to these links. Once you click any networking link present on our web page and visit a different place, then the terms and conditions of their privacy policy will come into implication; and then, as a party, www.merilibrary.com cannot be held responsible for any misuse of the data if it is happening on their ends. This is why, we strongly advise playing discretion. While visiting any such website and if you wish to perform any such activity, then please go through the privacy policy of the subjected website in advance.

Controlling your personal information

Here, at www.merlibrary.com, we respect your privacy to the core; you can share your personal data with us under certain conditions. If you want to provide it for one-time use or process related use, then we can abide by the same. We have generated some special provisions and protocols, and these protocols come into action when you share your data with us through email while filling up some forms on our web page, and while going for a call with our customer care executives. Under no conditions, we will use your data without your consent. We can use this data for direct marketing purposes after your previous consent about the same. In case, you wish to abort any such permission, then you can write us at ithelpdesk@machwan.in or call us. The queries and redressal of personal information related issues would be considered under the purview of Indian Data Protection Act (Act 2008, IT Amendment Act 2008). In case of correction and amendments in your personal information, you can email us and amend the data on an immediate basis. We will promptly correct this information and sent a report.

Post Script

The definition of term, ‘personal information’ corresponds with the definition presented in privacy policy section of the website where it is referred to any information where the identity of an information provider can be reasonably ascertained and used for various other purposes.

Note: The use of the term "Personal Information" in this privacy statement refers to any information from which your identity is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained.


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