Blog-3 Services and Offerings of This Online Library

So many books are there, but there is so little time ― from the words of Frank Zappa

With the inception of pages like, we are reviving the culture of traditional libraries and adding a digital twist into the offerings by creating an availability of some timeless books under reasonable prices for you.

We Are Packed with Attractive Packages

Get the timely feed of meaningful literature with us! We are providing some attractive packages for individual users. After paying a standard sum, you can receive a certain number of books during a given time period. Just like a regular library; here, you are only paying peanuts for some really expensive books, bought otherwise. Meaningful and timeless literature is priceless and most of the digital publishers are aware of it; a library like can offer you these books at a much lower price or it is a kind of rental amount that you are paying here. Search out for three months, six months and one-year delivery packages. After selecting a package, search through the library and we will send you your favorite books at much lower prices.

Special Packages for Corporate Users or Business Users

Corporate users, owners of educational institutes and regular institutes often want to set up a digital library or a regular library where they can facilitate various users. If they are into a commercial activity; then, we can always discuss things with them and come up with some special corporate packages. Our expert team can also help them in setting up a library. The Internet is bringing communities together; people who follow certain sets and special ideologies are coming together and expressing themselves for the betterment of the community. We can always help you in setting up a community-based library. Here, you can select all the necessary books from our royal treasure, mark them and we can deliver them under a special package. The same thing is applicable for educational institutes as well. We entertain these institutes based on individual membership where every student will become a member of a special package and we will handle their delivery related demands. We can also sell a huge number of books to the educational institutes if they want to set up their own library as well.

Books Available Right at Your Doorstep

If you are living in Delhi NCR and if you have this penchant for amazing books that are very expensive otherwise; then, we can ensure home delivery of books for you. It is a cost-effective way of getting your favorite books. It is an interesting way to allocate your budget on the books where you can actually get the real worth of your money because you will get an access to some expensive books.

The charm of books will never fade away; with the changing times, the techniques and other things will change the methods of delivery. We are serving in both the worlds; if you want to feel the smell of real paper while reading a book, then we can deliver them at your place; and if you wish to upgrade your book warmish existence into the digital world, then again, we are all poised to deliver the goods for you on this platform as well.