HYBRID LIBRARY Advantages of a modern Hybrid Library like MeriLibrary

Sniffing old books, holding your book tight as you slip into your weekend siesta on the couch, reading by the dawn, reading while you hear the pitter patter on the window sill; haven't these always been the fantasy of every reader! The ability to out-read (yes, we do have these words in the world of readers, don't they?) your other friends on the best sellers of all times, post pictures with titles of the favorite reads of all times… aren't these on the to-do list of every voracious reader?

We here are a group of over-enthusiastic readers and understand the woes of others like us just too well. We understand the troubles of those in our world; and hence we bring to the world a concept we are sure every book lover out there is going to love. Whatever is the little wish you are hanging on to; we are so sure that that the modern hybrid library like is sure to come to your rescue.

For those in and around the Delhi NCR region; we present to you a concept that most of us have dreamt of in our perfect world and seems nothing short of a utopia to many. The concept of hybrid library is on the lines of being a member of an online library. It is a library which is just a click away! It is an opportunity to go through your all-time favorite books at the click of your mouse and when you come across something you know is definitely going to be your next read, you just have to get it issued online. We will ensure that it reaches your door step within 48 hours without you ever having to take the trouble of walking down. We welcome you to the revolutionary, new world of books.

Doorstep delivery of books is just step one, by enrolling into our pocket friendly plans that can be availed for as long as a year or six months too you are entailed to access a collection of over 3500 unique title of books. We bring to life the concept of hybrid library; a concept that would alter the way you read books forever.

Whatever be the category of your liking: fiction, adventure or philosophy; whatever be the segment you are seeking books for: kids, teenagers or just adults; is sure to have something that would interest you to get on board with us. With a wide network of professors, business professionals and students on board with us we have been able to constantly update and maintain our collection o suit the needs of the present and your presence on board we are sure are going to make us stronger.

Books they say deliver it all- love, hope, satisfaction, pleasure; whatever be the emotion that you are seeking. Now, give us a chance to deliver you books to your door step and help you get enchanted in the world of knowledge.