WHY LIBRARY IS IMPORTANT Every Library of This World Is Waiting with a Personal Universe Especially Designed for You!

Without libraries what would we have? We will have no past and also no future.

From the words of Ray Bradbury

Do we really need libraries these days? Do we really need books at all, because the sea of information is available on the internet? The concept of visiting a calm and cozy library, searching out for a cozy corner and then stacking your favorite authors in front of you has become more or less an antiquated practice these days. Libraries are vanishing; biggest libraries of the world are working hard in order to digitize the literature in digital form. The old world charm associated with the libraries is vanishing fast. However, during this transitional phase, many readers actually forget the basic essence behind the creation of a library.

The Internet Is an Information Jungle and Every Library Is a Botanical Garden

Millions of people are publishing their work on the internet; marketing forces are over busy in creating meaningless literature in order to lure ranks in SEO races. Now, in a condition like this, things become scattered on the internet. Suppose if you wish to study the anthropology of USA during the 19th century, then your search on the internet can land you at some places where you will find spun-around content. In order to make their content unique for an internet source, sometimes writers actually compromise over the matter of the issue quite considerably. This is how you get a distorted or worked up the piece of information at your disposal. If half knowledge is dangerous then distorted knowledge is even more dangerous. It means information collected from open source encyclopedias and web pages can leave you in a lurch if you are a true intellectual. Library, on the other hand, is a place where books are arranged in accordance to a merit; here you can expect to get exact information. Many people believe that Libraries are the places where the books are kept under shelves and indexing is done. The term library is a vast term. A good librarian never arranges books; he arranges knowledge and information in a systematic way. It means all you need is to visit this garden, pluck the fruits and flowers of knowledge, and decorate them in this bouquet of your worldview.

There Is a Difference between the Virtual Hub of Information and a Virtual Library

The Internet is a virtual hub of information where information is pouring in; benchmark your virtual library experience with pages like; a simple membership of this virtual library can bring back the 'old world charm' of a library, though the virtual way, back in your life. You will find a great solace here because knowledge is arranged in a systematic way and the arranger knows the real value and merit of the literature work that is depicted.

A virtual library saves a considerable amount of time for you. It can become a very handy option for you in the terms of cost effectiveness. You can always order a bunch of books and you can find corresponding literature under a single roof. Your worldview decides your personal universe where you are living in. If you are developing it in a jungle of information, then it will reflect a scattered personality; and if you are developing it in a virtual library form, then it will certainly reflect a composed persona.