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The task of academic writing has become difficult after the arrival of the internet. You might be thinking that why we are talking about Neo-Luddites, especially when digital content is making everyone's life rank easy and the labor of turning pages has been cut down to the search for keywords. It is true that we have witnessed an enormous growth in the availability of literature; still, we are suffering from this dearth of meaningful literature. Keywords are bringing people closer to the content, but on most of the occasions, insignificant content is found because the race of SEO is bringing down the standard of literature considerably. Written words are an outcome of worldly experiences. SEO content can never replace them or even come closer to them.

Books Are Not Mere Acquaintances; They Are Like Our Best Friends!

The literature you find on the internet is a kind of 'spun around literature;' it is true that it has the body of classical literature; still most of the articles and even edited books miss the soul of real writers. It is a kind of intangible literature where nobody is bothering about judging the merit of the literature; it is working though, because it is easily and readily available. Most of these digital books written by neo-writers are only an acquaintance to the subject. As an academic writer, you want to deal with some meritorious stuff.

The Need of a Regular Library in This Digital Age!

In the true vein of the "labor of love," good books carry the "paper of love." Copy editors spend quality time with them; publishers take the pain of spending money on their publications. All these efforts clearly indicate that it is a meritorious literature. Places like are playing a role of a hybrid library. You can get digital editions or paperback editions of the book that too right at your doorstep. It is a double advantage for you; you select a meaningful book on the webpage of and later on receive a delivery right at your doorstep. In the terms of monitory transactions, you can go for a fixed price agreement where you will be delivered with a fixed number of the books after regular intervals and delivery charges will be free. If you are into scholarly works or if you have this penchant for classical literature, then your association with us can prove to be a virtuous relationship of knowledge and worldly wisdom!

Libraries are like gyms; your gym membership motivates you to visit the gym and exercise there. In similar fashion, your membership in a library like Meri Library can inspire you to read the books and reconnect yourself with some meaningful knowledge that too with a convenience where you are receiving books right at your doorstep.