Biraj Bahu

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Author : Sharat Chandra

No. of Pages : 126

Book Category : Hindi,Grown Up,Elder,Drama,Fiction

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Biraj is married off to Nilambar Chakraborty when she was a little girl. The couple is childless. Nilambar is pious, generous and loving, but unemployed. His devious younger brother takes advantage of Nilambar's naiveté to force a partition of the home and buy off their joint land under an assumed name from the lender it was mortgaged to. Nilambar and Biraj are reduced to a wretched existence. To make matters worse, Deodhar, a wealthy young contractor who arrives in the village, sees Biraj and captivated by her beauty, tries to bribe Biraj's erstwhile maid Sundari, to lure her to his boat. After several dramatic twists and turns, Biraj is kidnapped but she jumps off the boat before he can do any harm. She runs away from the hospital in the middle of the night to see her husband one last time. He had promised that he would bless her at the time of her death and that she would die at his feet.