Bombay Duck Is A Fish

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Author : Kanika Dhillon

No. of Pages : 322

Book Category : Elder,Stories,Mystery,Lifestyle,Young Readers,Fiction,Fantasy,Ambition,Emotional,Love,Discover,Achivment

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Bombay Duck is a fish book story about Neki Brar moves to Mumbai to make it as a film-maker in Bollywood, little does she suspect that she will find herself standing on the terrace of her building, a bottle of wine and her diary in hand, plotting how best to jump.A small town girl, Neki has one ambition to live in Mumbai and make it big as a film-maker. As she comes closer to her dream, she is also faced with a new reality. The make-believe sets of Bollywood, the cramped existence with her three roommates and the battle for power on the sets of her debut film as an assistant director force her to understand the ground rules here if you don’t learn the art of survival, the train back home is your only option. Falling in love with the second lead actor, the charming Ranvir Khanna, further complicates her life, along with the realisation that she seems to have a unique ability to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and in the middle of every disaster that happens on the film sets. Battling political games, rivalry, love, betrayal and burning egos of film stars, she discovers the beauty of her own ambition and the ugliness of true love.The stakes are high. The dreams are big. The pressure is tremendous.

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