Man Beast and Wilderness

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Author : A K Srikumar

No. of Pages : 285

Book Category : Kids,Tales,Non Fiction,Novels,Teenagers,Young Readers,Adventure

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This three-in-one book begins with a hunter's journey through the living, breathing tropical jungles of the North-East where he is heading for his trophies of elephant tusk and rhino horn. The jungle witnesses an exemplary show of man vs wild which leaves the adventrer crumpled in grass, surrounded by the eerie, savage symphony of the jungle! From the jungles of Assam we move on to Karnataka, to the forests of Kakanakote in the Western Ghats were several hundred men are setting up a din to rouse wild elephants to thunder towards a vast stockade. The beasts are trapped but suddenly Nagesh finds himself flying through the air! He is lost...hopelessly lost...till he is rescued by a 'little wild angel'. Will Nagesh ever be able to pay back this debt?