Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Author : Robert T Kiyosaki

No. of Pages : 184

Book Category : Best Seller,Non Fiction,Self help,Grown Up,Elder,Knowledge,Inspire,Success,Parenting

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Rich Dad Poor Dad can be termed as a financial management book and a self-help book rolled into an interesting combination. In the book, Robert Kiyosaki categorizes different ways of looking at wealth and puts into words the attitude that’s the key to financial success.In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki goes back to his childhood in Hawaii to explain his philosophy on wealth creation and being successful. The book is written in a very conversational manner and most of the snippets are based on the author’s budding years and his experiences regarding money management. There were two main influences in Robert Kiyosaki’s life. The first was his real father, an educator who worked hard for a fixed income all his life. He’s the ‘Poor Dad’. The Rich Dad is his biological father’s best friend. A real estate tycoon, he is portrayed as highly successful and assumes the tag of being the ‘Rich Dad’. In the book, the author claims that his rich dad amassed wealth because he looked at income as a way to develop more wealth-creating assets. This attitude, the author states time and again, is the primary difference between the rich and the poor. His biological father on the other hand, spent his income on buying consumer goods that would give him and his family satisfaction. Kiyosaki singles this out as the reason why his ‘Poor Dad’ was never financially independent or secure. Does hardwork really matter? Or is wealth just the by-product of making the right financial decisions? Robert Kiyosaki throws light on the above questions through a series of six easy to learn lessons. He constantly provides real life instances so that readers can relate to his lessons on buying income generating assets. Kiyosaki has written this book in collaboration with Sharon Lechter. Rich Dad Poor Dad was number one on The New York Times paperback ‘advice’ chart. It remained on this list for almost 100 weeks. Robert Kiyosaki wrote several other books after the success of Rich Dad Poor Dad and even released Rich Dad CDs.

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