Sarah's Baby Magaret Way: Koomera Crossing

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Author : Margaret Way

No. of Pages : 302

Book Category : Grown Up,Elder,Novels,Stories,Teenagers,Fiction,Romance,Emotional,Passion,Love

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The McQueens are the town's founding family, and Ruth McQueen is their matriarch. She's a dangerous woman to cross, as Sarah Dempsey found out sixteen years ago. Pregnant and desperately in love with Ruth's adored grandson Kyall, Sarah stood up to Ruth—and was banished from the town.Now, all these years later, Sarah is a doctor, successful and highly regarded, but she's never forgotten Kyall or their baby. A baby Kyall didn't even know about. A baby girl who died shortly after birth...or did she?When Sarah returns to Koomera Crossing, when she and Kyall fall in love again, Ruth begins to feel threatened because her secrets are suddenly in jeopardy. And a threatened Ruth McQueen could cost Sarah not only the love of her life...but her life itself.

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