Target 3 Billion: Innovative Solutions Towards Sustainable Development

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Author : A P J Abdul Kalam,S P Singh

No. of Pages : 298

Book Category : Non Fiction,Leaders,Grown Up,Elder,Learning,Young Readers,Knowledge

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Nearly 40 per cent of the population of the world, (about 3 billion) lives below the poverty line. The people who fall under this category are deprived of basic amenities like health, food, education and everything else that can help them lead a decent life. Bharat Ratna awardee Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam has been trying to tackle this crisis for years together and has come up with some very interesting and intelligent solutions. This book effectively manages to capture and explain his thoughts on how to wipe away poverty from both India and the world. Dr. Kalam suggests a sustainable development system called PURA that can directly assist the 750 million people living in Indian villages. It is an inspiring read and Dr. Kalam and Srijan Pal Singh succeed in touching the humanitarian side of every reader. The book strikes the right chords when Dr. Kalam picks out examples of entrepreneurs and individuals who have contributed towards changing society for the better