The 39 Clues Book Nine: Storm Warning

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Author : Linda Sue Park

No. of Pages : 190

Book Category : Best Seller,Grown Up,Novels,Stories,Young Readers,Fiction,Childrens

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As they were leaving China, Amy and Dan get a call from the Holts telling them that they knew where they were going. So Dan and Amy assume Nellie Gomez, their au pair, told the Holts.On the plane, Dan and Amy get Nellie to give them some information. It turns out it wasn't Beatrice who hired her, Grace did. Nellie also tells them that she works for Mr. McIntyre, but does not tell them that she really works for The Man In Black.As events in the Caribbean take place, Amy and Dan watch as the clue hunt kills a non-Cahill named Lester. Angry, Amy and Dan decide to face Aunt Beatrice, but Nellie kidnaps them, and takes them to Moore Town to meet The Man In Black. They are then forced to solve a puzzle box that Amy and Dan had found in the museum that Lester had worked at. After solving Anne Bonny's puzzle box, getting the Madrigal clue of Mace, and the knowledge that they should go to England, Dan and Amy learn that The Man In Black is Fiske Cahill, Grace's brother. He ran away as a kid, and that's why Amy and Dan never heard of him.

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