The Golem'S Eye

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Author : Jonathan Stroud

No. of Pages : 576

Book Category : Grown Up,Novels,Stories,Young Readers,Fiction,Fantasy,Literature,Bartimaeus Series

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The Golem's Eye is the second book in the Bartimaeus Trilogy written by Jonathan Stroud.The book begins two years after the events of The Amulet of Samarkand. Nathaniel is apprenticed to the Minister of Security, Jessica Whitwell; and is working as an understudy to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Julius Tallow. At the exceedingly young age of fourteen he is now a government official and a competent magician, but he no longer uses his original servant, Bartimaeus. When the book starts, he is working on a case involving a shadowy group of rebelling commoners, known as the Resistance. Nathaniel knows only a few facts about the group including three of their members' names: Kitty, Fred, and Stanley from his unpleasant encounter with them from Book One. He tries to search for these three through written records but to no avail. He disguises several minor spirits as commoners and sends them out to find the Resistance, but they too find no trace of the elusive group.