When Lion Could Fly And Other Tales From Africa

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Author : Nick Greaves

No. of Pages : 136

Book Category : Grown Up,Stories,Wildlife,Teenagers,Young Readers,Fiction

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This book comes under the Book Blog Bingo Board catergory of ' A book of short stories'. This book contains many myths and legends from the tribes of Africa. A majority of the stories have a moral or conflict in them that is overcome. All of the stories are to do with animals or the 'first man and woman' of Africa. In some of the stories the animals have problems between themselves and inn other stories the animal/s help a human out in one way or another. I think that this was a reasonably good book but some of the stories in it weren't as good as the others. I also think that this book puts a good spin on how people/animals have to work together to overcome problems. For example, in the story where a drought occurs, the wise, old snake lives on the only tree that still produces fruit. He then lets all the other animals eat food fromhis tree and overcome the drought

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