Who Stole My Memories?

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Author : Maitrayee Sanyal De

No. of Pages : 255

Book Category : Best reading,Best Selling,Novel

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What’s my naaaame?’ she screamed. What happens when you are leading a normal life and suddenly wake up to find the police knocking at your door? Anu is arrested from her suburban home in Johannesburg. Things get complicated when she fails to recall her name. Soon, she discovers her name is not the only thing she forgot. Everything about her life seemed blurry suddenly—her house, her life and her loved ones. Discovery of drugs hidden in her cupboard and an anonymous message scares Anu so much that she runs away from home, alone in a foreign land where she has no one to rely on except strangers. Slowly she discovers that the life she was leading was a lie and the people she trusted the most had dark secrets she never knew about. With her life and memories at stake, she makes a desperate attempt to reach her parents in India. Will she be able to? Will they let her? Can she save herself and her memories? Who Stole My Memories? is a fast-paced thriller exploring the dark underbelly of a shining city and the darker shades of grey that hide behind innocent faces.

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