Pound of Flesh

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Author : Mukul Deva

No. of Pages : 502

Book Category : Best Seller,Grown Up,Elder,Novels,Fiction

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Minutes after landing at Delhi airport, Pamela Stewart, a beautiful, young American lawyer vanishes without a trace. Retired Inspector General of Police Ravinder Singh Gill knows that he has only hours to track down and recover the missing girl, his daughter Jasmine’s college-mate and friend. As he digs deeper he realizes that Pamela is only one of scores of young girls who have gone missing. Not one of them has been recovered. Not alive. And those found have had their organs harvested. The search for Pamela turns even more vicious and murkier as the finger of suspicion swings towards Harpal Singh, a powerful political broker with a shady past, and also the father of Dr. Mandeep, a surgeon and recently betrothed to Jasmine. Spearheading Harpal’s operation is the mercurial Santosh Kumar aka SK aka The Hammer, a ruthless enforcer who hates Ravinder for killing his father. The battle becomes intensely personal for The Hammer when he realizes that Pamela is the friend of Ravinder’s daughter. Torn between rescuing Pamela, finding the truth and protecting Jasmine’s happiness, Ravinder battles alone. Could Harpal be the man behind this deadly gang of human traffickers and organ traders? Could Mandeep, his future son in- law, be the surgeon who is cutting up these missing girls and harvesting their organs? And why is Chetan, the police officer investigating the case, covering up the facts? Yet again, India’s literary storm trooper Mukul Deva keeps you turning pages late into the night.

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