Split Second: David Baldacci

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Author : David Baldacci

No. of Pages : 600

Book Category : Best Seller,Elder,Novels,Stories,Fiction

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A fast paced thriller, Split Second by David Baldacci is a tale about two secret service agents who share a common thread – their indiscretions while protecting the respective presidential candidates. Summary Of The Book In 1996, Sean King was assigned the responsibility of guarding presidential candidate Clyde Ritter. At one point during one of Ritter’s rallies, King’s attention wavers for just a second. This one second proves to be the longest second of his life – Ritter is assassinated in that moment. Almost a decade later, Michelle Maxwell finds herself in a pretty much similar situation. While on duty guarding presidential candidate John Bruno, she decides against her instincts and allows the candidate to comfort his deceased friend’s grieving widow in private. The candidate vanishes in thin air while Michelle waits outside. King’s career with the secret services is wrecked following Ritter’s assassination. He reluctantly joins a legal firm and performs leg work for the firm. Maxwell learns of Sean and the uncanny similarities between her and King’s case. Sean also understands what the young agent must be going through. Both of them see their destinies converge as they set out to resurrect their shattered reputations. The two set out to find who tricked Sean into a momentary lapse of concentration and who set up Bruno into visiting the widow. While in pursuit of the above, they discover that the separate acts that shattered their reputations and careers were in fact well fleshed out plans that were still playing out in their lives. The plot springs one surprise after another and the gripping story line gives those who join Sean and Michelle on their expedition to uncover the truth much to savour. About David Baldacci David Baldacci is an American novelist and a qualified lawyer. He practiced law for 9 years during which time he wrote short stories. A bestselling author, Baldacci has published over 24 novels. He published his first novel, Absolute Power in 1996 which went on to become an international bestseller. It was also made into a feature film starring Clint Eastwood. Many of his novels are part of a series with recurring characters. For instance, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell appear in 4 other novels apart from Split Second. The four other novels are Hour Game?, Simple Genius, First Family and Sixth Man. David published The Simple Truth in 1998. This is his first novel that was partly or wholly based upon real events. The Simple Truth was Bill Clinton’s favourite book of 1999. David puts his time as a lawyer in perspective while writing. His writing reflects the lawyer in him in that the characters argue persuasively. He builds the story gradually just like he would build a case as a lawyer. Baldacci attended the Virginia Commonwealth University for under graduation. He received a B.A from VCU. After graduation, he enrolled at the University of Virginia for a degree in law. Prior to writing novels, Baldacci wrote numerous short stories and screenplays. Baldacci lives in Vienna, Virginia with his wife and two children.